TodayThemeChanger is a theme changer for Pocket PC’s.

Quote from mb286:

Hello all,

i have been looking for a way to set my todat theme to a TSK file that is not located in the //windows , //My documenst folder or the root of a storage card. There are already a few programs out there that can do this (like mortscript and ShantzTodayChanger) but i just wanted a simple program that displays a browse dialog and lets me just select a TSK file to set as the today theme.

So i just made my own, i’m posting it here just in case someone else wants something like this.

just copy to your device ands start the program.
Select a TSK file (does not matter where the location is).
Click apply and you are all set 🙂

I would like to enhance the program that it displays a preview after a tsk file is selected. but that is something i need to figure out…