ToDo List is a program to organize todo’s/tasks in a treeview form.


Added multi-column sorting
Added option to recreate recurring task rather than reusing it
Added preference to colour flagged tasks
Added ‘Version’ to inheritable attributes
Added ‘Set Reminder’ button to toolbar
Preferences requiring admin privileges now show the shield icon in Vista
Theme defaults to ‘blue’ for first time users
Right-aligned dates if the option to display ‘Day of Week’ is set
Made it possible to enter times as 9.45 or 9,45 for quarter to 10
Fixed reminders to work with recurring tasks
Improved performance of tasklist navigation. Now 2-3 times faster than 5.8
Improved performance of date calendar navigation
When tree/list does not have the focus the selection colour is faded out
‘Status’, ‘Version’ and ‘Alloc by’ filter droplists now support multi-selection
Fixed bug where last open tasklist on USB drive was not being reloaded on starting ToDoList
Fixed text and backgound colour comments toolbar buttons not updating as the selection changed
Fixed iCalendar exporter to work with Outlook and Google Calendar
Fixed various bugs in GanttProject exporter

Once the original desktop version of this program is constantly being developed, some of the features available on the desktop might not work on the Pocket PC version.