Touch Break is a clone of Arkanoid / Breakout. This game is auto scaling to all resolutions, but graphics have been optimized to run on WVGA.


=> Player name can now be set (isn’t used to do anything yet, as highscores are still missing)
=> Menus are now structured (highscores needs to be done)
=> Gameplay has been heavily revised
=> Game engine has been optimized
=> Timer has been put in; in next version, the game ends if you haven’t finished the level when the timer reaches 0. For now, I need to revise the times for each level – therefore, you can continue to play, even if you fail to clear the level after timer reaches 0.
=> New backdrops for each level (up to level 6)!!! Those are my old drawings, made in photoshop with digitizer
=> The bricks are still aligned the same way for each level. This will change in future versions.