TouchLaunch is finger friendly application launcher, which scans startmenu shortcuts, and list them alphabetically.

-finger friendly scroll function
-quick alphabet shortcuts, either letterbar on screen edge, or abcgrid(similar to iContact )
-you can use todays’ background image as this launcher’s background
-supports custom icons with alphablending
-you can categorize shortcuts in categories
-finger gestures to move through categories,
left and right sweeps changes category
-multilanguage( English, Finnish, Dutch(partial), more to come.. )
-lots of customization options


Change log:
[][10 Nov 2008]
+multilingual( english, finnish, dutch(partial) )
+new skinning engine, same skinfile for all resolutions
+new settings file format
+faster and takes less memory
+two alpha blending simulation modes
+icons renders correctly on vga devices
+works “out of box” with VGA, QVGA and WQVGA(e.c. Omnia)

Known bugs:
-unfortunately old skins aren’t supported anymore
-doesn’t work correctly on landscape mode,
may crash
-Category names aren’t localizised
-on squarescreen icons may render incorrectly