Release notes by Radimus:

Premise is that there are many backup utilities that will backup/restore either dirs or the whole ROM, but not just for a specific apps settings. There are many ways that dev could use to store their settings for a given app, but getting them all to do the same way is “difficult”. However, if program A had it’s settings in a settings.ini (or whatever name) and that specific file could be backed up and restored later after a hard reset or new ROM installed, it would make the flashing a ROM even easier since UC came out.

My idea is for an app that works sort of like AppToDate, in that it will parse a collection of ini files in a directory to determine what a given progam uses for it’s configuation (files or reg keys) and will backup/restore them.

Basically all that someone needs to do is:
– Extract the to a folder on their Storage Card
– Register Mortscript (just click on it once, from this point on you can just click on a script and it will run.)
– Place the INI files that define the files or keys of the app that you’d like to backup/restore into the Storage CardUCMe2ini folder. I have posted a small collection of some INI files as examples
– If you’d like startmenu shortcuts, I attached a few dummy.exe files that you can put into the UCMe2 folder so you can make shortcuts.
– Run the UCMe2_Backup and it will read every INI file in the ini folder and store the backup files in Storage CardUCMe2Backup
– Run the UCMe2_Restore and it will read every INI file in the ini folder are restore the backups