Hi forum,

it has been about one year that I follow threads on xda-developers and I thank to all of you So, I decided to share something that I’ve done.

If you owned a PalmOS device in the past, sure you know this old blocks game that has roots in Puzznic. I’m a big fun of Vexed since the 1st PalmOS version. In 2002, I really missed this game when I bought my 1st pocket pc and decided to write it for that platform. Since then, I have a never ending Vexed project for Windows platforms that lives almost only on my pocketpc and my laptop. The game was only distributed to a couple of friends during these years since I was not able to convince myself on its quality to release it. A couple of months ago I’ve finally decided to seriously finish and package it as a freeware as the PalmOS version. But it’s still hard to finish 😛

So, what I expect by publishing it here for the 1st time is your support and feedback

The level packs and graphics are taken from sourceforge project of Vexed here: http://vexed.sourceforge.net/
The source code is entirely written by myself. This is an early beta version. Feel free to send feedback to fix things. Check options if block animations are not smooth for your device.