XFlib has been designed following a few principles : completely free library, very simple to use, and with good enough performance to allow you to do your games without too much technical knowledge.


– VGA support, now works much much better on VGA phones !
– WinCE 5 support (lots of GPS can actually run the games !)
– New pad stuff added, mainly usefull for smarpthone apps
(Pad.Newpress(etc…) => .SoftLeft and SoftRight (for softkeys), .Ok and .Back, .Pound and .Star (numpad stuff), and Pad.Newpress.Number returns the numpad value or -1 if no number from the numpad was pressed (used in Skinz Sudoku)
– Rot/Zoom pixel thingy should be fixed
– Now removes the topbar when run on a smartphone (actually, only tested on 240×320 smartphones, not sure what it does for 176×220 ones)
– When minimizing the app/game, opening the exe again doesn’t launch another instance anymore, it just gives the focus back to the original one :p