XTask is a task manager for Windows Mobile PDA phone. It does, not only the most wanted job of cleaning system RAM by closing unused tasks, but with many more features. For example, it can correct the overlay problem of the WM6.5.x buttom bar for any programs such as Resco Explorer, also automaticlly set button-X to Close instead of minimizing a window.


* Rotate screen orientation.
* Automatic fix the buttom tool bar overlay in WM6.5.x.
* Automatic change X-botton to close.
* Automatic terminate ActiveSync.
* manage files with XTask.
* Access the control panel items.
* Place icon, or show freeRAM on the title bar.
* Hold the XTask icon and drag on the screen to perform quick function.
* fully customisable XTask function items, program tools bar for fix under WM6.5.x, icon position on the title bar, etc.
* Create shotcut buttons in start menu for Restart, Toggle Wifi or bluetooth, screen-off, etc.