Xump consists of a 20×12 playfield which is filled with various types of blocks. Your job is to make the blue blocks disappear from the playfield by stepping on them. There are five main types of block, each of which behave differently.

Grey Blocks: A grey block allows you to step on it with out disappearing when you stand on it. Your start point is always a grey block, the last block you step on must be a grey block as well.

Grey Arrow Blocks: Arrow blocks forward you AUTOMATICALLY in the given direction without warning, with exception to the two way arrow blocks which have either a vertical or horizontal black line. You may only walk over two way arrow blocks in the direction of the arrows. Arrow blocks do not disappear when you step on them

Warp Blocks: Warp blocks always come in a double pack. If you jump in, you come out at the other warp block. Warp blocks are grey and have a hole in them, they do not disappear when you step on them.

Blue Blocks: Blue blocks have to be destroyed by stepping on them. Be warned that blue blocks disappear after a short while of standing on them, or when you leave the block.
Darkblue Blocks: Darkblue blocks turn into blue blocks, be careful: Darkblue blocks are sometimes an essential part of the puzzle elements.