Emuforge Homebrew Retro Scene Compilation is a compilation of many (emulated) games and apps for the Dreacmast.


DREAMEDGE (Chui): Example of EDGE 3D engine port with FreeDoom.
– DREAMPLACES (Chui): Little example of Darkplaces preliminar port.
– ANOTHER BRICK ON THE WALL 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum game, Arkanoid similar.
– BABALIBA REMAKE (Compiler Software): Fenix remake of Babaliba ZX-Spectrum game.
– BETILED! (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
– DEEP SCAN (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– CANNON BUBBLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, PuzzleBobble similar.
– CAMELOT WARRIORS REMAKE (BuHonero & Coelophysis): Fenix remake of Camelot Warriors 8bit game.
– COLUMNS (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Sega Columns clone.
– GALAXY FIGHTER (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– INFILTRADO 2 (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum tactial-puzzle game.
– INSERT COINS (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– ISOTOPIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum molecular-puzzle game.
– JUDGE MORRY VS. BALDO MIDGET (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– MOGGY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum arcade game.
– NANAKO IN CLASSIC JAPANESE MONSTER CASTLE (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PANDEMIA (Octocom): ZX-Spectrum adventure game.
– PHANTOMAS SAGA: INFINITY (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PHANTOMASA II (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum platform game.
– PITFALL-ZX (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum game, Pitfall similar.
– RAGNABLOCK (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum Arkanoid clone.
– REVELADOS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum blog-game.
– RUN BILL RUN (Computer Emuzone): ZX-Spectrum simple game.
– SOKOBAN (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum puzzle game.
– VIAJE AL CENTRO DE LA TIERRA (Topo siglo XXI): Complete ZX-Spectrum game (unreleased TopoSoft game).
– ZX-COLUMNS (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum Sega clone.
– ZX-MINES 2 (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum minesweeper clone.
– ZX-POKER (Compiler Software): ZX-Spectrum card game.