Fenix is the codename for a GNU project to create a free compiler for a language derived from the one created by Hammer Technologies for the Game Developement Suite “DIV Games Studio”.

The DIV Games Studio was a complete development environment (for Windows98) which provides an integrated set of graphics and sound manipulation tools plus a dedicated programming language and debugger.

While DIV Games Studio makes light work of games programming, we have to say that we feel that FastTrak is being somewhat economical with the truth in its claim that it “requires no previous knowledge of programming.”

So, Fenix is a simple high-level game creation language, based on DIV. The Fenix compiler generates a bytecode file that is executed, using a runtime, in a “sandbox” similar to Java, and games can be written and run on the Dreamcast in this manner.

Fenix is a toolkit of 4 command line applications:
– FXC: Fenix Compiler. Convert PRG files (source code) to DCB (bytecode).
– FXI: Fenix Interpreter or Runtime. Execute DCB files (bytecode) independent of architecture.
– MAP: Convert GIF or PNG image files to MAP files.
– FPG: Compress or extract a lot of MAP files on a FPG file.

The goal of Fenix Dreamcast port is easy development under Windows or GNU/Linux and execute unique DCB bytecode executable under Windows or GNU/Linux … and Dreamcast or GP32 consoles (only port Interpreter or Runtime).