fackue updated the Dreamcast’s port of GNUBoy and added .ZIP support.

Other release notes:

I didn’t really do much besides add ZIP support, quzar’s been basically helping me along the way and removed a bunch of code that was unnecessary. I have no idea what’s wrong with the menu after loading a few roms – it ends up say “/cd/gb” and then you gotta restart. I also disabled bilinear filtering. I’m not sure what else I could possibly do on my own so I’m gonna go ahead and release it as-is.

Oh yeah, I also merged the pre-alpha release of gnuboy 1.0.4. They say it fixes a couple games.

Oh, I also added a VMU icon to the game saves.

One final thing. The “zip” support in the original release was actually gz support and should work in the original release as well as this one.

Sorry I couldn’t do anything that I really wanted, like the options menu.