Intrepid Izzy by Senile Team combines platforming, beat ’em up and adventure elements to create a unique experience with depth, character and above all, fun. Here comes the February 2018 development update:

Intrepid Izzy Kickstarter Trailer


Hello, you lovely people!

This month’s development update is a bit later than usual. That’s mostly on account of the fact that I had to file taxes in January over the funds that were raised last year. Normally this only takes an hour or so, but in this case it was a lot more complex and time-consuming than expected. But enough about that, on to the good stuff!

Backer NPCs and Portraits

Almost everyone who went for an in-game portrait or NPC has now submitted the information necessary to make them. I’ve made numerous sketches, which I will soon send to those involved for feedback.

Difficulty curve

Feedback on the demo was very positive, which makes me very happy. However, while some players picked it up effortlessly, there were others who found it to be quite difficult/overwhelming. To give the latter group a better chance to familiarise themselves with the intricacies of the game, it will start with an easy level which introduces the various moves more gradually. While working on this level, I’ve also designed some new, less menacing enemies.


You’re probably used to only hearing about bugfixes during the final phase of a game’s development – or worse yet, only after it has already been released. But I as any developer with an ounce of sense knows, bugs should be found and fixed sooner rather than later. During the Kickstarter campaign, there was a lot of focus on creating more content to show off. But there was no time to pay attention to details, including non-critical bugs. Most of these have now been addressed.

Correction regarding the second Izzy figure

I said in my last update that a second statue would be produced in the form of Yzzi, Izzy’s evil doppelganger. Unfortunately the factory has meanwhile informed me that they ran into a technical problem producing this particular design in conjunction with the original one. I guess I should have waited until I actually had the product in my own hands before bringing the news. Anyway, the plans for a second figure are still in effect, just with a different design. I expect to hear from the factory again when they’re done celebrating Chinese New Year.

Best regards,

Roel van Mastbergen / Senile Team