OpenTyrian is a port of the classic DOS game Tyrian to C using SDL, so it can run cross-platform without DOSBox. The developers have been given a copy of the original Turbo Pascal source to look at but not redistribute. The ‘Classic’ port is a direct port with minimal changes and will serve as a freely-distributable reference implementation thereafter.

indiket now ported this nice piece of work to the Dreamcast!

Release notes:

I just have ported OpenTyrian to Dreamcast, and here I publish my first “alpha” version.

OpenTyrian 0.1 DC (alpha)

– From svn revision 719 classic.
– Game is “playable”, I think it goes a little slow.
– Pad, mouse and keyboard should work.

Known problems:
– Instructions section doesn’t work and produce a crash…
– Sound and music work, but also they play badly. It would be great to implement an optimized sound routine (like gp2x version). Any ideas?
– Load and save doesn’t work yet (have to implement vmu routines).

– Analogic or digital stick to move spaceship.
– Start: Like enter button
– A: Fire
– X: Fires left secondary weapon.
– B: Fires two secondary weapons.
– L: Like escape button

Source font:
Bin file:
Cdi autoboot:

Update 1: KOS (the environment where I work for the dreamcast), has a bug that crashes when it does a free(NULL). It’s a problem of KOS and it only afects to dreamcast.

PD: Sorry for my bad english 😛

Thanks to for the news.