DCEric had a genius idea, which helps Dreamcast SD-Adapter owners a lot. He records videos of games, which are 100% compatible. Don’t look around on your own, don’t waste time on what is compatible, just keep track of DCEric’s YouTube Channel!

So far he made following videos of SD-Adapter compatible games:

* Deathchase 3D
* Eier
* Barrage
* DCSquares
* Copper Swapper
* C-Dogs
* Burger DC
* Bugs
* Nazca Collection
* Dram
* Pacman (Clone/Remake)
* The New Gyruss
* Wizard
* The Legend of Zelda: Return of the Hylian
* Open Sonic
* Shippy 1984
* GNU Robbo
* Metal Blob Solid
* Super Methane Bros. (to be released today!)
* Rise of the Triad
* Giana’s Return

We assume there will be many more videos to follow – You know what to do 🙂