Version 1.2 of Stealth Quake has been released, this is more than likely the final release and is a major upgrade from previous versions which are no longer available; the changelog is below.


– Image flashes no longer occur on non-lovecraftian creatures
– Updated findradius(); to searchradius(); in several instances
allowing the WinQuake and Darkplaces version to behave more alike
– Jump button no longer respawns player, only fire as told in death description
– Self-talk only occurs during idle time
– Proper death animation is now played when rock is selected
– Additional sound ques properly cleared on death
– More frags now indicate who died the most, or betrayed the team most (team kills)
– Sneaking speed is less framerate dependant
– Fixed restarting of a level even if a player is still alive
– Players entering a game with 0 lives left are now made observers instead of players
– Rare instance of player allowed to throw rocks / shoot the pistol while in camera mode fixed
– Camera is improved
– Players who are targetted by an enemy can no longer stealth kill that monster,
yet another player still can (thus allowing another player to save a friend)
this also mean you’re not able to perform a running stealth kill (considered a
minor exploit)
– Stealth kill ‘vision’ widened, you must hit their back a bit more accurately now
– Brand new roaming AI, based on some of The Ascension of Vigil code as well as general AI improvements
– More sounds added to help the atmosphere
– Balance tweaks that help prevent speed running, as well as making more logical gameplay sense
– Fixed FOV not being reset when falling out of a Shamblers vision in certain circumstances
– The death music track now plays for observers
– Observers can now restart the round by pressing fire when everyone is dead and out of lives
– Wall tucking properly narrows a monsters vision cone making it even more effective than sneaking
– Fixed a bug where if a monster killed a player, they’d always move towards the player unless
– Kill command works, doesn’t take away from the lives pool
– Crosshair turns off when walltucking and renables when not
– Upgraded models for the pistol and bullets
– If the player is killed by certain attacks they’re now gibbed
– DP Only: Client side prediction is turned on when not sneaking, helps running away / lag