fackue released a new port of Wolfenstein 3D for Dreamcast.

Further information:

I figure with the release of openTyrian I’d go ahead to release what I have thus far.

This is the first release of a the newest Wolfenstein 3D port, Wolf4SDLDC.

VMU code is based on c99koder’s DreamZZT and OneThirty8’s sdlWolf.

Credits goto Antioch for the LCD graphics.

It currently features:
– Sound
– Controller
– Keyboard
– Saves

Controls are:
Dpad – movement
A – shoot
B – strafe
X – open
Y – run

Figure ’em out

Due to German law we can not post further information on this (the game is still banned).

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.