Xump by Retroguru is a simple one screen puzzle game initially released in 2005 by Psilocybin Development. This overhaul is a rewrite featuring new graphics, new levels, new music… simply new everything. Ported to Dreamcast by Indiket.

Help Xump and his human master Holger to disarm mines on fields located somewhere above our atmosphere. Collect coins by destroying fields or mines but do not fall of the playing field. There are 48 levels plus hidden 32 original levels if you can unlock them.

Xump - The Final Run | by Retroguru (Official Trailer)
Watch this video on YouTube.

Release notes (from Facebook Retroguru):

Indiket had to update our ‪#‎Dreamcast‬ port of Xump. With the last update we unfortunately introduced a mini-bug with the highscore. Please get ‪#‎Xump‬ v1.01.1 (zipped ISO) and don’t forget to delete the VMU save-file before playing the updated version. As usual thanks to Xavier for his efficient and fast update!