Release notes from Mairtrus:

Well, after taking a little break, I resumed the BEX developing, and I returned with a pleasant surprise for all (I think): an engine scroll completely written in BEX. Currently works with 64X64 blocks of pixels (8X8 tiles), because I followed the Devster’s idea, but, actually, works pretty slow. I am working to create a more fluid movement.

It works drawing each tile separately, reading it directly from a list. By using the command DrawTile instead of DrawTiles or DrawTilesInc, you can make, within the same block, that the tiles has different palettes, priorities or reflections.

I know what everyone is thinking while reading this message, and the answer is YES: it will be open source for anyone who intends to use it.Just let me improve it a bit to make it as accurate as possible, although I may take a while …

For now I leave with a small demo that shows part of the level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros for NES. You can scroll it with the D-Pad. Just 3 observations…
1) Only shows a small part of the level because I am too lazy to finish it just to release a demo.
2) When the ground moves vertically, may appear to the same drawing, but no. It is just a test to demonstrate both the ability to scroll horizontally and vertically.
3) The numbers listed top right are just of verification, and are nothing more than the number of horizontal interruptions that were executed during the drawing of the tiles.