Star Ark is a science fiction game being developed for the Sega Genesis. The game is set on an interstellar colony ship. The player is a member of the crew who must put down a mutiny and set the ship back on course. The 8 Bit Daddy Daughter Team recently posted an update.


We have just completed a full prototype deck of our star ship for testing purposes. Technical issues notwithstanding, the video also gives you an idea of the structure of the game. The ship in the game is a Bussard ramjet which affected our deck design.

The star ship in Star Ark is a Bussard interstellar ramjet. The ship is designed to operate under constant acceleration and therefore is built like a tower with decks being placed one on top of each other. One may note the hexagonal shaft in the center of the deck; this is the duct down which interstellar hydrogen is fed from the RAM scoop to the fusion engine in the engineering section below. Overall, the ship takes on the form of a hexagonal tower comprised of five modules including:

1) RAM scoop equipment module
2) Habitat and administration module
3) Life support module
4) Cargo module
5) Engineering module

In this video, we take a tour of a prototype deck. Each deck is made up of a 3 x 3 matrix of scroll planes which in turn are made up of an array of 64 x 64 tiles.