Tanglewood finally got a GOLD Client!


Hello, friends!

A very exciting update – TANGLEWOOD has been signed off by our QA teams and we have our GOLD 1.0 build!

What happens next?

PCB Burning

The final ROM is now with our trusty Canadian engineers at db electronics, who are making last minute arrangements with the factory handling our PCB manufacture. We’re awaiting details of the first control batch, turnaround times, and some details we’ll need to test the boards when they arrive here.

Cartridge Assembly

In the meantime, it’s all hands on deck to finish the last few bits needed for assembling the carts. A lot of exciting boxes have started arriving with power tools, label printers, barcode scanners, packaging gear, work surfaces, and premium coffee, ready to get cracking with our first batch. We’re going to be trialling the first lot in my home to see how efficiently we can work with the space available, but we have plans to rent a small industrial unit nearby if we run out of storage space.

PC/Mac/Linux Harness

We’re aiming to have the PC, Mac, and Linux emulated versions ready to roll on our Steam and itch.io pages very shortly after the first cartridges are shipped, which means getting our harness emulator up to scratch. We trialled this back during the Kickstarter, but the game has since been through some significant changes, so our emulator needed a few updates to be able to handle the game smoothly again. Thankfully we managed to crack most of it over the weekend, but it still needs the same care and attention from QA as the game itself – there are a lot of machine configurations to cater for, and a lot of controller types!

We also need to integrate some Steam stuff like cloud saves, rich presence, and achievements, all of which involve some minor changes to probe the game’s memory as it’s running. Nothing tricky, just tedious and time consuming.

Press, Social Media, Streamers, Let’s Players

We’ve got a lot of work to do to prepare for our launch – contacting press, updating our social media accounts, and catching the attention of Twitch and YouTube streamers to try and gain some Let’s Play coverage. We’ll also be teasing some of the soundtrack leading up to release.