XPMCK is a music (expressed in MML) compiler kit targeted towards various video game systems. It currently supports the following systems:

Capcom Play System (VGM output only)
Commodore 64
MSX (KSS output only)
Nintendo Gameboy / Gameboy Color
SEGA Master System
SEGA Game Gear
SEGA Genesis

Besides the compiler and its source code, the kit includes playback libraries for all supported systems, as well as examples and brief documentation.


* Modified the Genesis playback code so that effect tables are kept in ROM instead of being copied to Z80 RAM. This lifts some of the restrictions on number of possible effects per song.
* WTM is now supported for the SCC channels for the KSS target.
* Fixed a couple of bugs related to notes with non-standard lengths (l24, l12 etc).
* Fixed a bug that prevented single-line comments from being used inside a $-macro.

Thanks to the author, mic, himself for the news via ICQ (and yes, I am pretty late).