Flavor talks about his latest projects for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. These projects will hopefully give a small boost and raise interest in this SNK’s handheld again.

As it’s a lot easier that the “masta” himself talks, here is a quote:

The first is what I call the “Neo Linkmasta.” It hooks to a computer via USB. Then, it can “talk” to a game cartridge. Mainly this is good for reading and writing the cartridge data.

It has 3 interfaces on it. Two are specific. The specific ones are for the Neo Geo Pocket game carts and the Neo Geo MVS/AES memory cards. The third is a generic 40-pin expansion port. The idea is that anyone could plug in a standard 40-pin ribbon cable to it and hook the other end to whatever device they wanted (like maybe a Gameboy cartridge).

You could use this for things like backing up a save-game file, dumping a game to a file on your computer, or putting a PDROM game on to a flashable cartridge.

The other part of my project is the “Neo Pocket Flashmasta.” It’s a flashable cartridge for the Neo Geo Pocket. Someone could download a PDROM from your site, use the Linkmasta to flash it to the Flashmasta, then put the Flashmasta in their NGPC and play the game.