NESemu is an extremly portable Nintendo Entertainment System emulator for various systems, such as PS2.


Fixed ROM loading, tested with .nes, .unf/.unif, and .fds files. Also tried them all GZipped. All IRX’s and BIOS files should be placed in the “nesemu” folder on the first memory card. (ex: mc0:/nesemu/ with uLaunchelf, you will need to copy the files and create the directory on your own.). No longer requires two controllers to start up. No longer requires a hard disk, but hard drive support is flaky, and doesn’t support GZip. ROMs on the hard drive should be stored in the “+NES” partition. USB loading is still unsupported. PS2 NESEMU installer coming shortly, based upon the Wii “NESEMU Channel” installer.

This build is a TEST build, if you expirience problems with it running on real hardware, please let the author know!

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