LBGSHI posted news about a PS2 Hacking System which is in development. Check out the link below for his full statement.


For some time now (several years, off and on), administrative staff and several select members of the scene have been working, in secret, on something tentatively called Project Artemis: a hacking system for the Playstation 2. The primary goal of this project is to allow users to create, or hack, their own cheat and game enhancement codes, using RAM-dumping, dump comparison, constant memory writes for testing, breakpoints, and as many other tools as feasible.

The project is far from complete. There have been quite a few stumbling blocks, and some impressive progress has been made. Through several primary coders (Sang123, Hit n’ Run Games, misfire, Shyam Narain, Xerxes Technologies, cYs Driver), it has been determined that…