A new version of the SMS for PS2 is out.

Changelog for Version 2.0 (Rev.3):
– fixed “short freeze” issue during back scrolling;
– fixed confusing GUI behavior during device hotplugging while in SMS menu;
– fixed corrupted video in some .avi files (QPel+AC3);
– presumably fixed freeze issue with .avi files while loading index;
– new VU IDCT microprogram (smaller and faster, so all VU microprograms are squeezed now in 4KB VU0 micro memory, leaving VU1 free for possible future usage (high quality colorspace conversion, for example :));
– fixed crash due to incorrectly formatted subtitles (error message is displayed instead) (Thanks to ‘gogydm’ for the sample file);
– fixed crash (in fact is “infinite loop”) due to very long lines in subtitles (such lines are just truncated now). Thanks to ‘rami1’ for the research/note;