A new version of SMS or Simple Media System for the Sony Playstation 2 has been released. Using this program you can view multimedia files. It’s most noteworthy change would have to be the support for (avi) files up 4GB in size.

Simple Media System: Tiny yet powerful DivX/Xvid/MP3 player for the PS2. SMS will read video files from a variety of sources: Network Streaming, USB Drives, Hard Drives, CD/DVD-ROM.


changed font drawing algorithm
* slightly changed .avi parser in attempt to fix incorrect header data. Thanks to ‘Startropic1’ for the sample clip
* fixed bug related to localized folder names (impossible to browse) in SMB driver (thanks to ‘Hikarudo’ for the remark and sample
* added support for MBCS subtitles; – added support for big (max. 4GB) OpenDML .avi files. Thanks to ‘KnoWei’ for the sample clip; Note: big files have a hudreds of thousands of indices. Each index entry consumes 16 bytes, so system can simply run out of memory (SMS exception handler will be activated) under certain conditions (big resolutoins, subtitles, multibyte fonts etc.)