Simple Media System is a media player for the Playstation 2.


– fixed quite nasty bug in the mpeg1/2 decoder (blocky artefacts in some cases). Thanks to ‘orangpelupa’ for the note and sample clips;
– fixed incorrect inclusion of folders into playlist upon “Play all audio” action; Thanks to ‘vsub’ and ‘dlanor’ for the research/note;
– fixed stupid typo that prevented custom greek font to be loaded;
– added functionality to convert DOS character encodeing to Windows one. This allows correct display of localized filenames while using SMB networking. 4 default conversion tables are provided: CP866 <-> CP1251 (DOSCyrilic <-> WinCyrillic), CP737 <-> CP1273 (DOSGreek <-> WinGreek), CP850 <-> CP1252 (DOSLatin1 <-> WinLatin1) and CP852 <-> CP1250 (DOSLatin2 <-> WinLatin2). Custom conversion tables are supported in form of ‘cyrillic.mtx’, ‘greek.mtx’, ‘latin2.mtx’ and ‘latin1.mtx’ files placed in mc:/SMS folder. These can be generated by ‘SMSCP.exe’ Win32 command line application which is also provided. It’s usage is pretty simple. For example to generate ‘cyrillic.mtx’ file use following command: ‘SMSCP 866 1252 cyrillic.mtx’. 866 means codepage ID for DOS and 1252 – codepage ID for Windows. If character charset is changed while browsing SMB share then manual directory rescan is required (leave and enter folder of interest while in SMS browser). Apparently this stuff also depends on ‘Regional setings’ of the SMB server;
– added ‘?’ character replacement by appropriate region letter for ‘mc0:/B?DATA-SYSTEM’ string for user defined language file (if that string is present);
– implemented exception handler that is invoked if something goes terribly wrong with SMS. It displays some technical information about the exception that can help to fix the problem. There’s a possibility either to reboot SMS (if it was launched from a memory card) or exit to the PS2 browser;
– fixed corrupted background image issue. Thanks to ‘MrJiggles’ for the semark and sample files;