Eugene Plotnikov has updated his SMS (Simple Media System) multimedia playing application for the Sony PS2. Using this program you can view multimedia files including DIVX, AVI, XVID, MPEG, MP3, etc … on your Sony Playstation 2 video gaming console.


* added support for raw .aac files (ADTS only). Thanks to ‘hip203’ for the sample files
* added support for AAC audio in .avi files (codec ID 0x000000FF). Thanks to ‘hip203’ and ‘MrJiggles’ for the sample clips
* updated SMS image generator. Added possibility to embed custom palette into generated image, so SMS palette can be managed by background image
* updated USB mass storage driver in attempt to raise data transfer speed. For my USB flash memory stick there’s improvement from ~500KB/s to ~700KB/s. This is quite experimental stuff, so if this won’t work then there’s a possibility to load “old” version from ‘mc:/SMS’ folder same way as for ‘USBD.IRX’ described above. Driver name must be ‘USBM.IRX’, however :). Note, that keeping filesystem on the USB device defragmented also improves performance !!!

Thanks to brakken / for the news.