Eugene Plotnikov has updated his SMS (Simple Media System) multimedia playing application for the Sony PS2. Using this program you can view multimedia files including DIVX, AVI, XVID, MPEG, MP3, etc … on your Sony Playstation 2 video gaming console.


– Fixed problem with (S)VCD .DAT files. Thanks to ‘Salacho’ for the remark;
– USB mass storage driver is rewritten from scratch (though some elements from ‘ps2dev’s’ one were used). Added support for up to 4 USB mass storage devices (FAT formatted) that are simultaneously connected to the console. USB devices with multiple logical units (like -in-1 cardreaders) should also work (tested here with SWEEX CF004 53-in-1 cardreader with CF and SD cards)). Transfer speed varies depending on filesystem fragmentation (peak rate exceeds 800KB/s sometimes (btw., maximum raw transfer rate (without filesystem overhead) I’ve got here is around 950 KB/s which is the same as on my PC (USB 1.1 slot). If this driver will cause problems then there’s still a possibility to use older driver as described in changelog from 05-FEB-2008;
– Improved .aac file autodetection algorithm. Thanks to ‘lee99’ for the sample clip;
– Added support for HE-AAC sound. Thanks to everybody who provided sample clips;