EP has released yet another new version of the popular menu system uLaunchELF for the Sony Playstation 2. Using this homebrew program as your main ELF is common as it allows you to browse your hard drive, USB device, DVD/CD-ROM drive and memory cards to run homebrew and perform basic file manipulation functions.


-Fixed a bug in the CNF parser, preventing variables from being accepted when not separated by any other character from the ‘=’ character preceding its value string.
NB: Since uLE always uses a space separator in creating CNF files, this bug has never affected CNF files created by uLE, but only CNF files edited by ‘hand’ and the SYSTEM.CNF files of game discs, causing some of those not to work with the PS2Disc command of uLE. So try again now, with games that failed earlier.

Thanks to www.tehskeen.com for the news.