EP has released a new version of his Unofficial version of LaunchELF. uLaunchELF is a front end or operating system or sorts for the Sony Playstation 2 that allows you to browse and boot homebrew from various sources including memory cards, usb devices, hard drives and the built in dvd-rom drive.


-Added kernel patcher and kernel patch as designed by jimmikaelkael to make v0 japanese consoles compatible with newer models in use of homebrews. This cures v0 problems for many other applications too (including ESR) as the kernel remains patched for the duration of a session (until next hard reset/power on). This patching is compatible with that to be added into new versions of “Open PS2 Loader” too, and includes conflict protection when multiple patchers are used. This change has no effect at all on newer consoles, but was required to make it possible to keep the homebrew MC modules in future versions of uLE, and still retain uLE compatibility to all PS2 models.