Unofficial Llibplanar is library for to be used for PS2 coding.

Release notes:

Changes from the original version:

* Llib2D.c

– Added resize resolution PAL to NTSC

* Llib2DText.c

– Added resize resolution PAL to NTSC

– Added characters ñ Ñ and ¿

* Llib3D.c

– Added camera movement (position x, y, z, rotation x, y, z, pointing camera x, y, z)

– Added transparent objects

* Llibgs.c

– Added resize resolution PAL to NTSC

– Added the functions drawBoxLined() and drawBoxLined2()

* LlibTex.c

– Added the functions GetTextureDir(), SetTextureDir() and imageFree() Experimental!.
These functions are dangerous because they change the pointer of textures
no matter who is in that memory. (Used in the game “el boli” for
remove the last picture loaded without using the function textureFixDir()).

– Added imageLoadRawC() and imageLoadIIFC() functions to load an image in RAW/IIF format from memory.

* Load_IIF.c

– Added the functions IIF_vOpenFile(), IIF_vCloseFile(), IIF_vcountFrames(), IIF_vreadClut()
IIF_vreadImage() to upload files from the memory.

* LoadFile.c

– Added findMediaMode function () that automatically guesses if the program is running
from HOST, MC0, MC1, MASS or CDROM.

– Bars / or are changed automatically according to the accessed media.

– Added the functions vopenFile(), vcloseFile(), vreadFile(), vreadFileBlock(), vseekFile()
to read files from memory.

* Math.c

– Added the functions gradosaradianes() and radianesagrados().


In this version should not be used objectReset() in the program as it is called internally from objectTranslate() and objectRotate () functions. Also before gfxRender() must be added a camRender().