ThatOtherPerson has updated Cubicle Shooter for the PS3!


Another updated version of Cubicle Shooter.

As an added bonus having this installed will allow the text (including your score and high score) to load and be correctly displayed on screen for Dont Get Crushed v0.1.

Notable changes:
Improved textures for enemies.
Enemies are now animated.
Enemies die when shot.
Enemies are infinitely re-spawning.
There is now a textured and deformable ground (this differs from the destructible walls and is instead more reminiscent of the ground deformation in fracture)
The debug text has been replaced with larger and more legible sprite based text
The rate of fire has been doubled
The maximum number of cuboids that walls can be sub divided into has been doubled
Game saving and loading has once again been updated to reflect the changes

The games performance has gotten both better and worse. The load time is significantly longer (this is largely to blame on the textures) and the starting frame rate is lower (the ground layer is mostly to blame for this). But on the upside I have gotten things running more efficiently especially the destructible walls and the frame rate doesn’t take that harsh drop around the 2700 cuboid mark anymore. so you can break apart the walls more now before the frame rate becomes unbearable.

Move – Left analog stick
Aim – Right analog stick
Shooter – R1
Jump – X
Save – Select
Load – Start