ThatOtherPerson has updated Cubicle Shooter for the PS3!


Here is an updated version of Cubicle Shooter!

Notable changes:
You can now shoot other players in split screen multiplayer (still no player death but you get pushed back when shot).
You are taller now. You can crouch back to your previous shortness by holding down the right analog stick. You automatically crouch when there isn’t enough room to stand.
Enemies in multiplayer will approach the nearest player (they would previously only follow player one).
Enemies no longer spawn inside the cube at the start of the game so you wont encounter them until you blast through the wall (It was beginning to feel a little bit too crowded).
The kill counter has been replaced with a score system. You get 10 points each time you shoot a cubicle dweller. The scores are tracked separately for each player.
textured stars onto the sky.
Set a limit to how deep you can dig into the ground (the limit is fairly deep and I don’t expect it will be a problem for anyone).
Fixed the scope in multiplayer.
Some improvements to performance.

Move – Left analog stick
Run – L3
Aim – Right analog stick
Crouch – R3
Shoot – R1
Zoom – L1
Jump – X