Do you want to have your OtherOS function back? This might be your day!


Into HV integrated OtherOS bootloader loader (compatible with OtherOS bootloader on 3.15)
OtherOS bootloader is booted directly from HV, no GameOS is involved.
Process of booting OtherOS bootloader loader is very similar to 3.15 method
Booting Linux from HDD/USB/BD/Network
Linux with GameOS rights
Full access to all HV SS services (Dispatcher Manager) from GameOS or Linux
Full access to all System Manager services
Ability to create/modify/remove repository nodes in LPAR 1 (e.g. with ps3dm-utils or ps3hvc-utils).
This ability gives you much power over the whole system because many layers of PS3 use repository nodes to exchange information.
Enabled QA mode in Update Manager
Downgrading without USB dongle or Service Mode
Ability to deactivate/activate HDD/VFLASH encryption (e.g. with ps3stor-utils)
Support for ps3-utils. You can flash new OtherOS bootloader from Linux e.g.

Please be aware that the warranty of your PS3 will break if you modify your Firmware!!!