They Do Not Die 2 by ThatOtherDev is a successor of “They Do Not Die”. A top-down Zombie shooter with simple graphics.


* You can save the game at any time and obviously also load that save.
* The on screen text now scales so it no longer fills an overly large portion of the screen at low resolution.
* In addition to your gun you now have a rocket launcher.
* Rockets explode when they are shot, hit a person or hit a wall.
* Explosions destroy walls, push people back and hurt people.
* You can now run which consumes energy.
* Shooting momentarily prevents energy from regenerating.
* If you try to consume energy when you have none left then you will instead lose health.
* The speed that your health regenerates at directly correlates to how much energy you have.
* The screen (specifically the edges of it) turn red when you are low on health.
* The world is more densely populated.–-ps3/