Dark_Alex has updated his custom firmware for Playstation Portable.


3.90 M33-2

– 3.52 M33-3 or higher

– Copy UPDATE folder to /PSP/GAME and run the program.

If you are in 3.90 M33, that’s all needed. If you are in previous version, you need to download 390.PBP and put it in same folder or let the program to download it for you.

– Improvements in plugins loading code:
* Fixed some problems with problematic cards due to filesystem not mounted.
* Now plugins should read the faster.
* Problem fixed with lines with spaces at the end.
– Added the rest of regions to the recovery option fakeregion.
– (PSP SLIM): Added patches in nand ipl to allow Booster multiiplloader and TimeMachine iplloader to boot from nand.

Note: only 3.90 M33-2 and higher can be booted from nand in slim with those ipl loaders, not official Sony firmwares or previous versions of M33.

Changes in updater:
– The 3.90 eboot downloading code is now more stable, no more freezes after selecting AP
– Memory stick write in the 3.90 downloading code is delayed the maximum possible for faster operation
(the system prefers big chunks of data written at once).