BlackShark updates us on his work in progress game “Aap Lander”.

Here is what BlackShark writes:


I have reasently made a teaser video of a game Im working on. Aap Lander, its beta version. First and formost id like to apologize for the video quality, all i have to shoot it was my laptop’s webcam. Thus, i had to turn the psp facing the computer and play using the video feed on the screen.

Any way, the game is in a sence like Lunar lander, 2d scroller. Except the maps are more like mazes, were you have to find keys to unlock the exits, and bonus life packs can be found throught the game to extend life. You must also dodge spikes that tend to be lethal if touched! Like the lunar landers before it, you shall have to complete all of the above tasked under fuel restraints, but simply landing on the pads will fill you up, and save your position, should you die in the level again, you will respawn at the pad.

The game has 28+ maps and more will be done before the release, it will come with a Computer end Map editor, with an idiot proof interface, currtisy of EarthQuake. you will be able to edit tiles, map gravity (default is 10, but range is -20 – 20, yes, -gravity is possable!), tiles to be used and enemy optimization/performance.

Enemy speed and maximum map limit can be in a configuration file, Gravity as well, if you perfer to not use map specific Grav.

with the max. map limit, you can choose to add your maps to the story mode, just increase the number, with the number of maps you wan’t to add. or you can load your maps individually, within the game menu, “load custom map” if you perfer to name your maps, this is ideal. Good also for sharing single maps.

That concludes this incite for now, if you have any suggestions or would like to help out with any thing please let me know here.

Thank you!