Age of Nations is a Lua Coded RTS Game, based on Microsoft’s Age of Empires Game.

Release notes:

Hi all,

well there’s been a long time i’ve posted here.I have been, but i’m back for a while, so i can take the time to work on old project.

I spend a long time learning a bit about pathfinding algoritm techniques, specially Dijkstra’s Algoritm and A-Star.After working a whole night long, i’ve been able to add this for units move.

So I share this with the whole community.The main problem will now be able to move many units at the same using the same pathfinding procedure.

I thanks LMelior for A-Star Pathfinding tutorial, and Altaïr for the Algorithm.

Pathfinding – Age of Nations WIP
Lua Coded By Roland Y. (a.k.a. SeanPaul223)
Credits to :Altaïr’s A-Star Algorithm & LMelior Tutorial

What’s This:
This a single demo release for Pathfinding Algorithm.
I’ve developed it for my RTS project Age of Nations.
The main aim of this is guiding a unit on a map.

Basics Commands:
Arrow keys & Joypad: Move Selector
Cross: Set a target for unit move
SQuare+D-Pad: Browse Map
L: Activate Debug Mode
R: Disable Debug Mode

Known bugs:
When you click on a house to order the unit to move, the howmebrew crashes.This should be linked to the way the code is.
Anyway, i’ll try tofix later.

Works Slim & FAt PSP.
EXtract contents into ms0:/PSP/GAME/