Allegro is a game programming library for C/C++ developers distributed freely. It provides many functions for graphics, sounds, player input (keyboard, mouse and joystick) and timers. It also provides fixed and floating point mathematical functions, 3d functions, file management functions, compressed datafile and a GUI.

Developer Diedel finally brought the long awaited Allegro to the Playstation Portable.

Release notes:

It’s based on the 4.3.10plus Allegro version. It’s near complete and ready to use for the final programmer.
Now you can program your PSP applications using Allegro and try to port the existing ones:

As a young port it needs much testing so your feedback is expected and welcome. You can use the Allegro maling lists at or the PS2dev forums. The spanish speakers can post in the PSP.SceneBeta forums.

Until the Allegro SVN repository is not updated with the PSP port patch you can download the Allegro library sources in the links section.

Thanks to MK2k ( ) for the news.