What’s it? It is an Alternative VSHMenu that has ALL same functions of the M33 VshMenu and other utilities such as the possibility to change the background color, to power off and to sleep the console, to activate and to disactivate M33 VshMenù from dashboard or to make screenshot of XMB!


-Added a security check to the plugin.
This because of a lamer team, called “Team Just Dead”, creator (but I have some doubt about it too…) of the “JD-Battery”, that when I released the v3.5 they diffused a hex-edit spanish version of my Alternative VSHMenù saying that they were its programmers and creators…
-Added the NO PIC0 AND PIC1 function
-Added the GAME KERNEL function for PSP Fat
-Added the USB CHARGE function for PSP Slim.
-GAME KERNEL and USBCHARGE functions share the same line, so if you use Alternative VSHMenù on a PSP Fat the GAME KERNEL function will appear, otherwise on a Slim the function USB CHEARGE will appear.
-Now when you change one of the functions that requires the reboot of the console to be applied (Game Kernel, USB Charge, M33 Network Update, No Pic1.png and Pic0.png), Dashboard will be restarted automatically, applying the change!
-Some minor bugfix and improvement to the code.