What’s it? It is an Alternative VSHMenu that has ALL same functions of the M33 VshMenu and other utilities such as the possibility to change the background color, to power off and to sleep the console, to activate and to disactivate M33 VshMenù from dashboard or to make screenshot of XMB!


– Added FIVE new background colours
– Now Alternative VshMenu can not be started before of 3 seconds: in this way you can avoid console crashes when you accidentally start it during coldboot or returning from games.
– Now there will be a pause of about one second when you exit from A. VshMenu: in this way your key pressing will not have any effect on XMB (like happened in past).
– Changed HIDE MAC ADDRESS function in AUTO USB CONNECTION: if you enable it, USB connection will be enable always in XMB! In this way when you connect a USB cable your PSP will be connected to your PC/PS3 without you have to press on special icon! (like in PSP-3000).
– Changed CXMB PLUGIN function in LANGUAGE: now you can select your language from the menu of A. VshMenu! In this first version, there will be only two language: Italian and English.
– Changed M33 VSHMENU in SELECT KEY: now you can choose what to associate to SELECT key in XMB (M33 VshMenu, a Homebrew, Nothing).
– Erased all difference of code between CF 3.90/3.95GEN/4.01M33: now plugin will be the same in all CFs.
– Added a homebrew-flasher for the plugin: it will flash the Alternative VshMenu in your Flash0 directly from PSP without other steps!
– Cleaned the code to try to compensate the increase of the PRX size caused by language translations..