AnyLanguageStudy is a vocabulary builder application for PSP. It’s created in the purpose of learning Japanese words. For example, you could use it along side with Japanese for Busy People to efficiently learn the essential key words. The application helps you to learn the language through word lists, image lists, sentences and sentence audio. It can also be used as a helpful portable dictionary.

By default, Japanese word lists are most supported. But you may easily (due to the .csv format) create your own word lists for the language of your choice. Get and convert word lists from Anki if you do not wish to create them from a scratch. If you’re studying more than one language, AnyLanguageStudy supports grouping the lists alphabetically by category.


* Remembers question, range and mode of word lists after exiting as long as range is not changed.
* Added a trick to solve the search problem when using Scandinavian and a few other special characters with Sony Osk.
* Added Remember the Kanji image list (images by me, resizing by passingby). If you do not use it, you may remove it as it takes time to copy the files to PSP (language/Japanese/rtk).,7120.0.html