Codetactics updated their multiplatform, 3D, top down, arcade style helicopter game Apollonia.


* Chase camera – The default camera view is from behind the helicopter, rather than from isometrically above. The original (retro) camera view can be selected from the controls screen.
* Player profiles – Player names and data can now be saved to a database.
* Enhanced particle effects -ÊThese are used for missile impacts and bullet to ground impacts.
* Airstrike! – An A-10 Thunderbolt II can be called using L+R trigger. Includes audio.
* New Apache model.
* Ingame messages can be printed to the HUD.
* Briefing screens – To add meaing to the madness, there are short mission descriptions for each mission (excludes Instant Action).
* Three new missions.
* Friendly tanks.
* Player Statistics – Mission data is saved to a player’s profile. This includes flight time, accuracy, deaths etc.
* Post mission score board -ÊThe score board summarises statistical data of a just completed/failed mission.
* New Ammo and Health display on the HUD.
* The player helicopter can start some missions airborne.
* New factory building.
* Existing buildings have been scaled more accurately.
* Tweaked existing missions so that the player is less likely to be overwhelmed.

Under the Hood (for your interest)
* Particle Engine, Terrain and rendering optimisations.
* Splash Screen fixes.
* You can now shoot through destroyed buildings so that units inside them can be hit.
* Using the sqlite database for player data.

Known Issues
* Sometimes there is incorrect textures loaded (very elusive).
* Three Player Profile limit.
* High memory usage. Beware of too many PSP background processes.
* Suspend mode not supported.
* There is a delay between the mission being won/lost and the scoreboard being visible. This is because of the time taken to write data to the database.
* Slow load times; about 8 seconds (minus Sony logo).
* Some instances of near plane clipping of the terrain resulting in small amounts of unrenedered terrain.