Appzer is a simple browser for PSP.


– Displays current directory.
– Displays up to 18 files at a time.
– Scroll bar to show current position in overall items.
(this is more useful for when you have more than 18 files in a directory.)
– Selected item indicator.
– Colour coded squares next to item names.
— Green is a folder that has an index.lua file in it.
(Appzer will try to launch that file if you click on the folder.)
— Orange is a normal folder that has no index.lua file inside it.
— Blue currently means any file that Appzer can open.
— Black is for anything else.
– Displays some basic file information about each file on the right hand side.
– Browser status is displayed at the bottom, this currenly does not change.
– Enable / Disable USB mode.
– Take multiple screenshots.
– For other features reffer to the controls in the Readme.txt file.