Audio Mechanica is a digital audio recorder / effects processor for PSP.

Release notes:

Hi Guys,
The V6d update is a change to lower the clock speed, simply because it’s possible, and we can save battery life. At the time I was writing this app. I had not yet experimented with adjusting PSP system clock speeds. Audio Mechanica now runs at 133/133/1 unless you do something with another app to override that.

– The Digital Delay Processor can delay an audio channel by a user defined value. This could save on a stand alone piece of equipment that does the same job.
– The Yakback Emulator uses voice activation routines to record continuous chunks of sound, and auto playback each continuous sound chunk. This works rather like a parrot, repeating everything you say after each pause (repeating everything you say after each pause). The Yakback Emulator is the beginnings of the way I’d go about a speech regognition, or lie detection program.
– The Virtual Tape Recorder mode works as the previous digital recorder.
– The Voice Activation mode works as the Virtual Tape Recorder, with the addition of an adjustable sound activation level that can make the recorder work like a dictophone, only recording segments of continuous sound.