AVEC is a Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating mapss in the common Polish format maps. If the map file has street information, the program tells you what street you are in, or lookup the name of a street selected with the crosshair.

Release notes:

Hi Guys,

Here is the release of AVEC GPS V3 (1.50 kernel) version. I’m still looking for a company to sponsor me with a PSP-290 GPS accessory so newer firmware versions can be supported with a live GPS mode.

This one can track your position on the map in real time with any serialy connected GPS device compatible with the MapThis! program, including Garmin and Hollux brand recievers.

V3 also has a “Find Place by Name” feature that will find any place on the map. The text entry system for this feature has auto complete like commercial GPS units.

A Windows MP Conversion Tool is included with this release for producing files of the new MPI type which allow fast searching for real time GPS navigation.

MP files can also be converted with AVEC on the PSP, but the PC program is much faster.

Keep an eye out for updates, and please vote for AVEC in the Neoflash 2009 Coding Competition. If I win any cash prize, it will be used to purchase the PSP-290 USB GPS so support for it can be implemented in a future version.

Cheers, Art.