AVEC is a Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating mapss in the common Polish format maps. If the map file has street information, the program tells you what street you are in, or lookup the name of a street selected with the crosshair.


– Implementation of Deniska’s PSP-290 test program routines provides compatibility with the PSP-290.
– Added signal strength indicator to user mode version of the program for PSP-290.
– Added colour cycling circle around pointer crosshair to make it easier to see.
– Improved joystick controlled map rotation feature for track up mode without a GPS device.
– Greatly improved the speed of rotation routine for faster drawing in track up display mode.
– Improved accuracy of screen position by removing zoom levels that cause float rounding error.
This fixed a bug in the find place by name feature where the found place may not have been on the screen.
– Fixed bug in screen capture routine. Saved images were horizontaly offset by one pixel.
– Improved text entry method for find place by name feature by implementing optional analogue selector.
– Fix to projection routines to resolve a problem that caused some lines and polygons to appear squashed
toward the bottom of the screen. This may have added a noticable processing overhead.