AVEC is a Vector map viewer capable of displaying and navigating mapss in the common Polish format maps. If the map file has street information, the program tells you what street you are in, or lookup the name of a street selected with the crosshair.


Hi Guys,

Here’s a time lapse photography session done with AVEC GPS connected
to a GPS via serial port, and the PSP Go Cam via USB at the same time.

YouTube – AVEC GPS – Time Lapse Camera Demo – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrahMeju7bY

The video is produced by saving one photo frame for every map screen image capture,
and saving them one after the other. Then I used an AVISynth script in Windows
to crop the images and stack the odd images vertically,
and Virtual Dub to produce a WMV video for upload.

Cheers, Art.